3-5 People

Our Squads are small, usually between 3 and 5 people. This gives players a small group feel no matter how large we grow!

single squad dedication

We want our squad members to not feel overwhelmed trying to split their focus amongst too many squads, so you can only be on one squad!

end to end production

Each squad has the responsibility for one or more ‘end products’ – meaning a specific product type or fully fitted ships!

The history

The ideas behind squads come from real-world research on how people form and maintain relationships. 


Our CEO – Thalimet – in his job goes around coaching and developing teams and organizations as an Agile Coach. When coming back to Eve, it seemed a waste not to use everything he learned about how teams and organizations work while developing Daer-El Industries!

One of the key concepts in researching how organizations work is “Dunbar’s number” – this is a theory of the number of relationships people in a social group can form and maintain at different levels. It’s theorized that in your closest ‘support network’ you can have a maximum of five people. This number forms the base of our squads – you’ll notice that we cap each of our squads at 5 people and only allow each person to be on one squad at a time. 

This kind of research is what we base our organizational structure to make sure that our corporation is forming friendships in eve and not getting lost in the noise. 

End to End Production

Research tells us that teams work the most effectively when they handle the end to end production of a product. That’s because when you have to hand things off between teams, it causes delays and communication issues. 

That’s why we don’t have Mining, Research, Production, and Sales divisions – rather each squad is responsibile for all aspects of their product line. This gives the squads independence to pursue their goals as a team without the delays and hangups between different divisions!

end to end production

Your squad owns every step of the process, from asteroid to market!

you have a place here

Come find your niche with us. Whether it’s in a squad or not, you have a place with us!

if squads aren’t for you

Don’t worry if squads aren’t for you! You are welcome to fly with us regardless. We still have big mining ops, mission nights, pvp training and more!

Whether you are a new player or have played since 2003 – you have a place in our family. 

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