1) Joining the Fleet*

  1. Open up the Fleet Window (Neocom -> Social -> Fleet)
  2. Go to the “Fleet Finder” Tab
  3. Click on the mining op fleet lead by one of the Daer-El Industry Officers
  4. Click the button to Join the Fleet
  • If you were invited to the fleet, please disregard this section

2) Eve-HR and Getting started*

  1. Log in to HTTPS://eve-hr.com
  2. Click the public link to the mining op that’s located in the message of the day in the fleet
  3. Hop in your mining vessel of choice and travel to the system that’s linked in the message of the day in the fleet
  4. Warp to the Op Director that’s listed in the message of the day in the fleet
  5. Right-click the Orca
  6. Select “Keep at Range”
  7. Select “1000”
  8. Right-click the Orca
  9. Click “Open Fleet Hangar”
  • By joining the EVE-HR Mining Op, you are agreeing to deposit all the ore you mine into the operation orca and get paid for it after the Op.

3) Mining away!

  • Dump all the ore you mine into the orca’s fleet hangar! 
  • Keep the Eve-HR Window open, and you can view how much you are going to be paid
  • Eve-HR updates roughly every 10 minutes, so your numbers will not update in real-time!
  • When the belt is depleted, pull in your drones and look at the History tab in the fleet window for the align-to target you’re heading to and the Officer will warp you to the next destination!

4) After the Mining Op

When everything is done, you’ll receive a contract with the amount you are owed! This is usually done right away, but could take up to a couple days afterward.



If you are not in Daer-El, you can still join our mining ops, but we would love for you to join our crew!

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