Hopefully you have already authenticated on www.eve-hr.com. Again, not mandatory, but you will miss out on some benefits we offer. You should visit eve-hr and authenticate there with your Eve character (and any alts, if required). We use eve-hr for several things:

  1. Running our mining operations;
  2. Buyback;
  3. Generating corporation loyalty points.


For mining operations [insert Thal’s guide here]


Alliance Purchasing

We used to call it Ore buyback but these days we will buy any ore or piece of equipment from you. Anything you could fit to a ship really, but not ships themselves. Also, no minerals please. The senior members of the corporation probably have better processing skills than you and I do.


The buyback is a simple two-step process. You submit an order for buyback on eve-hr.com. This generates a price we will pay you. Then you create a contract in Eve itself for that amount, and sell the exact same items to the corporation. Don’t worry if you don’t know how. This guide will teach you.


  1. Go into your inventory in Eve and select the items you wan to sell.
  2. Once they are all selected, press CTRL – C on your keyboard to copy the list. Leave the items selected and go over to eve-hr.com
  3. Sign in to eve-hr, then click on Buy Back and then Sell Items
  4. Click on the white part of the screen and press CTRL – V to paste your items in.
  5. Click on Preview to generate the price you will be paid by the corporation. There is a 3% tax.
  6. Assuming you are happy with the amount you will be paid, copy that number and then click on Submit. That’s the order submitted in eve-hr.
  7. Back in Eve, right-click on any one of the still-selected items, and choose Create Contract.
  8. Set the contract as Item Exchange to My Corporation and click Next
  9. The next screen shows the items you are selling. If you left them all selected earlier, the list remains the same. Click Next.
  10. On the next page, paste in that number into the I will receive window. Set the duration to several days (or weeks) and put a comment in. Something like “Buyback for Amira”. I’m Amira 🙂
  11. Then Next and Finish. The contract is submitted!


Usually you will be paid within a day or two. Possibly much faster. A few things to note:

  1. The items you are selling must be in one of our stations (or one where we have an office).
  2. Please don’t enter an order every 30 minutes for 100,000 ISK. Maybe save it all up until the end of the day?
  3. The orders in Eve and eve-hr must match. We trust but verify. Any discrepancies will result in a rejection of your contract.


Most important, don’t panic. This seems long as I write it, but it really is the work of moments to do. We will help you! So if you are about to do your first buyback order and you are unsure, please just shout up in corp chat. You are always welcome to message me (Amira) directly in game if you prefer. About anything.