a culture of learning

no matter how long we’ve played, we learn

We are aren’t just a new player friendly corp, we embrace the idea that we are always learning new things inside Eve and out. We embrace a culture of learning and experimentation, and of discovering new ways to have fun together.

From events to teach people new aspects of Eve like wormholes, d-scan, and ship fitting to weekly mining and mission ops – we are always learning and working on new skills.


End to end production

We focus on building full-stack teams to deliver ships and other products to our customers

We know how easy it is to just get stuck in one niche of Eve. So we are building the capabilities in the corp for players to join small teams that handle a certain product line of ships from asteroid to market. Whether it’s mining barges or combat ships, we are building out our capabilities to deliver end to end value to you.


PVE Fleets

Turning the isk faucet on full

We run regular L4 missions as a steady income stream – so we can help you get your standings up quickly while teaching you basic and advanced concepts of pve combat and ship fitting.

We are also working towards running incursions! 


Miners… With Teeth

We protect our own

We aren’t just indy pilots, we protect our own. So we are growing our PVP opportunities so we can protect our own and open up lower security industrial opportunities in the near future. 


build something big with us

we are building a new experience in eve

We believe that the small corp -> big corp continuum is getting a bit stale, and we are working to create a new kind of corp. Our unique (and optional) ‘small team’ structure allows us to scale while maintaining that small-corporation feel. Whether you’re an old player or just joined Eve today – we would love for you to join us and become part of our family!